Hello and welcome!
If you are new I would love to introduce myself !! My name is Amanda Marie Butchart !
I m a wife to an amazing husband named Dave. I m a mom of two boys, a three year old ginger and a pug named milo .
I m the founder of NATURE BABES . And I m so incredibly pumped you are here !!! I m a small town girl in canada 🇨🇦 ontario, with free spirit.. who loves Inspiring others. I m ready to get you excited about being the beautiful strong women that is you !! I had a dream a few years ago to work from home .
I had a dream to spend time with my son and to be more present .
I sold my very successful busy personal training studio , to work from home and bring women in to the beautiful out doors! Boost there confidence, inspire there souls and connect them to all the magic inside of them ! THATS WHEN NATURE BABES WAS BORN ! SEPT 20TH 2019!


Stay Beautiful,